Express bus Fukuoka - Nagasaki Line Kyushu Kyuko Bus
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Fukuoka - Nagasaki Line Highway route bus Kyushu

time table english chinese korean japanese
Kyushu Kyuko Bus When choosing to ride, please make your reservations in advance.


  • Q01
    Can you appoint seat?

    Super nonstop flight can appoint seat.
    Other than the super nonstop, we cannot appoint seat.

  • Q02
    When it is full, can you not sit down by reservation?

    As there is supporting seat, please use dispatch.

  • Q03
    What is security ticket (write we do not become senile)?

    It is ticket (free) to make seat reservation average reserved (decision).
    When it is taken in customers who do not have a reservation by Hakata BT, Nishitetsu Tenjin Expwy Bus Terminal, Fukuoka Airport Int'l Terminal T, BT managed by Nagasaki, it is possible for issuance of security ticket (free) that the departure time was listed in at window.

  • Q04
    In the case of ticket of ship bike-race ticket and convenience store issuance of published by travel agency, is security ticket necessary?

    In either case, security ticket is not necessary. We take the details of ticket of convenience store issuance from this.

  • Q05
    When we use SUNQ pass (thank-you pass), is reservation necessary?

    Making a reservation is necessary. We take the details of SUNQ pass from this.

  • Q06
    Is restroom in the inside of car?

    All cars are with toilet.
    When styles of vehicle are different about temporariness service, it will stop for restroom break on the way in PA for five minutes.

  • Q07
    Is there break on the way?

    We take a break in Taku west PA for around five minutes.
    ※Super nonstop (via Omura IC, Shouwamachi) has break, but, as for super nonstop (via via Shouwamachi and Dejima Road), as for the break, there are none.

  • Q08
    Left a thing in the inside of car, but ...

    Please inquire for Nagasaki branch office, flight of Fukuoka line about flight of Nagasaki line to Fukuoka Office.

    Fukuoka Office (092-411-2241) (9:00-18:00)
    4-7-2, Hakataekiminami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi (car from JR Hakata Station ten minutes)

    Nagasaki branch office (095-861-7224) (9:00-18:00)
    9-1, Hikarimachi, Nagasaki-shi (car from JR Nagasaki Station five minutes)

    Nishitetsu customer center (0570-00-1010) (6:00-24:00)
    From telephone which does not lead to the number mentioned above (092-303-3333)

  • Q09
    Is carry-on of pet possible?

    About guide dog, pet (small animal for petting) except physical service dog including deaf person's dog, limit carry-on is possible in trunk (from August 10, 2007). I would like your understanding and cooperation.

    Carry-on condition> in <trunk
    We put in the exclusive basket and are limited when damage or measures that are not damaged are made on baggage of other customers beforehand.

    ※Please note that you will have you compensate in owner you by any chance when you are damaged and damage baggage of other customers. ※As the trunk does not keep an eye and includes durability to place without air conditioner again, please note that our company cannot take responsibility by any chance when abnormality occurs to pet.

  • Q10
    Want to send parcel, but ...

    We register at Hakata Bus Terminal 3F, Nishitetsu Tenjin Expwy Bus Terminal or our Fukuoka Office, Nagasaki branch office. The postage is adult one way fare and the same amount. About object of the handling, it becomes thing within less than 2 meters in length, 30 kilos in weight.

  • Q11
    Ride past the stop, about stopover?

    In the case of <one-way ticket, it is>
    We charge section fares from ride to getting off and the balance with face of a bill amount of money.

    In the case of <round-trip ticket, it is>
    We ride past our stop and will have true fare corresponding to section.

    In the case of <coupon ticket, it is>
    We charge section fares from ride to getting off and the balance with face of a bill amount of money.

    It becomes invalidity in the future.


  • Make a reservation; inquiry about the time change, cancellation vacant seat situation
  • Inquiry about things left behind